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Waterproof without Mating

Released in 2012, Aliner IP67 rated RF connectors are engineered far above the ground in the industry. With this new achievement, they are designed to be operated under severe outdoor surroundings in both mated and unmated conditions, completely impenetrable to fluids. The connectivity solutions also feature excellent electrical performance and provide advantages to reduce installation cost of outdoor equipments. The line comes in SMA, BNC, TNC, and Type N with standard and reverse polarity versions for varied cable options. With our ability in customization, more IP67 RF connectors are released soon!

Features & Benefits

  • IP67 rated under mated/unmated conditions
  • Superior RF performance with rugged structure
  • SMA, BNC, TNC, Type N available with standard & reverse polarity options
  • Adapt from Mini-coaxial to varied RG cables for 50Ω & 75Ω
  • Cost saving for outdoor installations

Download IP67 Catalog (PDF)
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